Tuesday, November 19, 2013

DRS Ground Exper Pulse induction Detector for Serious Treasure Hunters

If you're serious about treasure hunting and want a detector that can give you extreme depth and high end performance then the DRS Ground Exper is the machine for you. It comes with three coils for all your detecting needs. The 40" coil should give you 30+ foot of depth. New updates are in the works to fix the few little issues I had with the unit, which includes bluetooth to eliminate the cable connecting the machine to the tablet. Besides extreme depth the ground exper offers easy ground balance and better discrimination than any other machine out there.

DRS also makes other pulse induction detectors for those who don't need extreme performance. Whether you are coinshooting, nugget hunting, or searching for an outlaw cache DRS makes a machine for you. Take the time to check out drselectronicsusa.com and if you mention Okie sent you you will get free shipping on the FXII and FX3000 or something useful for the Ground Exper.

Good Luck and Good Hunting!