Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pillsbury Crossing, Kansas

Here is a spot that would be good for a day hunt using a metal detector to find coins, relics and maybe some jewelry. This would be the perfect place to get some practice in with a new detector.

You will want to check with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks to make sure you aren’t breaking any rules.

Pillsbury Crossing is located in Riley County, KS and is named after Josiah Pillsbury who homesteaded near the crossing in 1855. He later moved into Manhattan, KS and started the Manhattan Independent newspaper. The crossing was used by many people, especially those in wagons, to cross Deep Creek. At this point Deep Creek flows over a limestone ledge and just down from the crossing, about 100 feet, is a waterfall that drops four to five feet. The crossing is passable year round with just a few inches of water flowing across except during heavy rains, when the water level goes up. I would think this would be one of those “DUH” statements but I thought I would add it in just in case.

Besides being a crossing place for wagons the crossing and falls were used as a picnic area in the past and continues to be used as one today. During the warm months the crossing is used by all sorts of people, including college kids from the area, as a place to congregate and cool off and in the case of the college kids, I’m sure more than one of them has taken the opportunity to be stupid!

Since the area was homesteaded in the past and has been frequented by people for more than a century the opportunity to find some old coins, along with some new coins, jewelry and probably a beer can or two would seem to be good.

If you want to visit Pillsbury Crossing you can find it by traveling approximately 2 miles east from Manhattan, KS on K-177 to Riley County Road 911. From there travel east 3.9 miles to the intersection of 911 and Pillsbury Crossing Road. Turn left onto Pillsbury Crossing Road and travel almost two and one half miles. At that point you should see signs directing you to the crossing that is very near where you are.

Because of the overgrowth and the amount of people that visit this place during the summer I would suggest doing your metal detecting during the winter months. There will be no bugs or snakes and probably no people. Just the way I like it!

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