Friday, August 8, 2008

The Entire Carving

If you have been following along out there then you have been reading about how I interpreted a set of carved symbols. The photo I have posted with this article is the map in its entirety. Of course the carving is chalked and it’s a crappy photo because I have been taking all of the little snippets of photos for the other posts from this one main photograph. That damn cheap digital camera!

You should also remember that I haven’t dug at this site yet on these four holes but intend to very soon. I remember when I first started out treasure hunting I would read stories about people who would find things like this and the story would always say the person never got back to it to find out what was there. I always wondered just what the hell was wrong with those people! We all think that we would just go out there and stay until we knew what was there. Well, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your point of view and the type of luck you have, life happens and it’s been ten years since I first found this carving and seven years since I worked the carving and found the stone covered depressions in the ground and I still haven’t gotten back to this spot. I have worked a lot of other spots and even found some holes since finding this carving but I just haven’t made it back to this yet. I guess I’m officially one of “those people” I wondered about.

Anyway, back to the story. This is the entire carving that takes you from the carving to the four stone covered depressions. The first depression is approximately 100 feet from the carving, on the same elevation as the carving and on the same hillside. As trails go, this was pretty much a straight line from the carving to the holes. At this point I am assuming this is a treasure trail but until I open a hole I won’t know for sure. As I had said before, at first I thought this was taking me to a spring but that all went out the door when I found the stone covered depressions, all the same size and shape, all in a line and all spaced evenly apart. That doesn’t seem like a spring to me, does it to you?

You can bet that when I do get back to this and start digging I will post some more information (and better photos) about these four mystery holes. And in the event life continues to happen and I don’t get back to this in the very near future feel free to say; “what the hell is wrong with that guy!”

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