Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More on the Carved Capital H

This article is about a few other ways that I have seen a carved capital letter H used in the field.

The first example is shown in the photo at the top of this article. The capital H is carved inside a circle with a line through the inside of the circle. In this case, the H is saying to look for a hill. Since the H is at the top of the circle it is saying that I needed to go to the top of the hill. Once there I found a circle of rocks that had a step inside it that you can stand on that would have you looking out over the treasure layout where you could actually see some of the topographic features in the rest of the carved map. The line inside the circle is telling you that you have to take a specific line to find which hill the circle of rocks is on. The line was given as a compass heading in another part of the carving. I apologize for the long explanation but I didn’t want to give you the information about the H without explaining what was around it. This H simply said that you are looking for a hill. The location of the H within the carving indicated I needed to be on the top of the hill. The rest of the carving gave more specific information about how to find the hill. I should point out that interpreting the H to mean a hill was fairly simple but until I worked more of the carving I couldn’t find the compass heading that told me which hill to look on. I had a choice of six in the area. The circle around the H was an indication that everything inside the circle had to be worked together. In this case the line or compass heading was needed to find the hill.

The next H was a fairly simple interpretation and it actually led to another carving. This H has a drill hole or dot at the bottom right side of the H. In this case the H also stood for a hill but the drill hole indicated there was something at the bottom right of the hill as you stood looking at the H. As we walked around the base of this hill to the right side on the front of the hill we found a small overhang about three feet above the base of the hill. As we crawled around in the dirt under this overhang we found a carving located on the bottom side of the overhang. If you had a good idea where the second carving was you might not need the H. to find it but the H.carving made it a lot easier to locate.

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