Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Update on coin roll hunting

With the economic downturn there are new opportunities to add nice coins to your collection. A few days back I decided to head to the bank and buy a few rolls of half dollars. What I found out when I got to the teller will make you want to cry. It seems the bank didn't have any halves to give out. A man had come into the bank earlier in the day and traded in $52 worth of half dollars for paper money. It turned out that it was $52 worth of silver. This included Walking Liberty and Franklin 50 cent pieces! Two of the tellers split the coins keeping $26 dollars worth each.

I left the bank a little downhearted, but decided to try the other bank in town to see what they might have. The second bank had five rolls which I bought along with ten dollars worth of pennies. I have been averaging four wheaties for each $10 I search through. I have also been able to put together a nice mint state set of memorial cents for just pennies. Pun intended! With the new designs coming out in 2009 Lincoln Cents should enjoy a revived interest among collectors.

I must say that what a found when I got home left me in much better spirits. I quickly opened the half dollar rolls hoping that maybe the guy with the silver coins had visited the other bank as well. That wasn't the case but I started finding cameo proofs right off the bat. The total take was 10 cameo proofs and four 40% silvers. The penny rolls produced 4 wheaties, 1912, 1942, 1943 steel, 1951, and a 1980 that was odd colored. I've never seen one like it before and I've looked at bunches of pennies. Overall it wasn't a bad hall. I'm looking forward to my next trip to the bank and maybe the silver coin fairy will be with me this time.

Good luck and good hunting!


Coin Roll Hunting said...

Someone must have cashed in a relatives collection.

You're a lucky duck! I've never stumbled across a Proof in any denomination much less 10 in one roll.

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