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Revisiting the alleged KGC Templates

Some of this information will be old news to our long time readers and some may be new. Since I don’t know everyone who reads the blog I will be repeating some information. It is all based on logic, in my opinion.

Again, in the interest of full disclosure, I am not one of the treasure hunters that believe the Knights of the Golden Circle put down any big treasure “depositories” as they are referred to and I don’t believe that anything they did put down will be found using the infamous template.

To date I believe I have come across five different variations of the template. For the most part they are all the same however they have some differences. Most of these differences are minor but there are a couple that are bigger than that.

I have posted a photo of one of the templates with this article. You will also notice a photo of a drawing from one of the Spider Rocks found in Texas many, many years ago. The “Spider Rock Treasure” is Spanish/Mexican in origin and if you don’t know the story there were more than one of these carved rocks found in more than one county in Texas. If you are interested in the story Steve Wilson has written a book about the Spider Rock treasure and if you are interested in Spanish treasure and the work they went through to hide it you may want to pick up a copy of this book.

And before anybody thinks it, the spider rock treasures were/are not KGC! The clues and treasure that has been found that are directly connected to the spider rocks shows that this is Spanish/Mexican.

I will also say that I have been told that at least one of the big treasures connected to the Spider Rocks has been recovered. It would be my opinion that there are others out there that haven’t been found yet.

OK, back to the template. Does anybody see the resemblance between the spider rock carving and the template? Did you know that Orvus Lee Howk, a.k.a. Jesse Lee James III spent time in Texas before he wrote the Black Book with Del Schrader? Any lights going off in you head yet? It is my contention that the alleged KGC template is a fabrication by Orvus Lee Howk and he came up with the idea from seeing the publicity on the spider rocks back when it first made the papers. The alleged KGC template never surfaced until after Howk published his book. If you have seen any of Howk’s other alleged maps that he drew you will know how bogus the template really is or I would hope that you would at least question it‘s authenticity. Don't even get me started on Howk, that discussion would take days!

When you really look at the template and its supposed use you will see a myriad of problems. First, what is the scale to be used? The scale of the template has to be known for it to be applied anywhere. For a group of individuals to be able to use the template independent of each other this would mean that the scale of the template would have to be the same at each site, or the scale would have to be marked somewhere at each site or there would have to be several “master maps” that show the scale to each site.
Why several master maps you ask? If the KGC was the type of group that they are purported to be by the true believers then there would have to be a way for all of the upper echelon individuals to have access to the treasures. This means they would have to know the scale to use on the template at each site. Having several master maps isn’t feasible or safe as far as secuirty is concerned so I would think that would rule out this possibility.
Having the template be the same scale at each site would mean that if someone figured out the scale then they could go to each site and easily recover all of the treasures since they knew how the template worked and knew the scale. Does that sound like something a super secret group like the KGC would do? I’m joking here of course because the KGC was neither super nor secret. They weren’t even smart enough to come up with their own codes and secret handshakes. They had to steal those from other groups. Unfortunately they picked a code that had already been around for a few centuries so it wasn’t hard to crack. Does that sound like a group that could hide billions of dollars of treasure in huge depositories and keep it a secret?

I digress, since we (OK, I) have ruled out two of the three possibilities of how the scale for the template can be found then that just leaves us with the possibility that the scale was marked at each site. Unless of course you think the super smart and all knowing KGC just thought they would wonder around digging holes looking for buried clues until they started fitting a pattern. Barring that, we are back to the scale being marked at the site.

How do you mark the scale? I would think you would want it to be in code so nobody else would figure it out. Kind of like the templates for the last several decades!

OK, the scale is marked at the site, somewhere. Where at the site is it marked and just how do you know where the site is to begin with? This brings us back to needing a master map that shows the locations of each site and the location of the code telling what the scale is for the template at each individual site. This also means there has to be more than one master map because you know they wouldn’t have let just one man have control over all of that information. It’s not logical. If he gets killed then nobody has the map. This is of course thinking that the man with the map would have had it hidden somewhere and not have it hanging on his living room wall. We, well, I, have already concluded there could not have been several master maps for various reasons.

Keep in mind there are at least five versions of the template. Which one do you use? If any are real, which one? Are they all real? If so, then which template goes to which site and what the hell is the scale?

The true believers in the KGC mega-bucks depositories have and probably always will say that the KGC was a group of some of the smartest men in the world and this is why no one has ever found one of their depositories because the code they used to hide the treasures is too intricate for someone to figure out. This from a group that never accomplished any part of their original goal to increase the number of southern states. A group that used a centuries old code thinking nobody would notice. A group that, although said to be secret by the believers, advertised in the newspapers and with flyers about their upcoming rallies to gain members. Really? Does any of this actually make logical sense to anybody?

There are people that say they have used the template to find metal clues. How could this be if the template isn’t real? Are the metal objects they are finding really clues? Could a metal glue tube with metric markings on it really be part of a treasure site layout since the tube was obviously made a century or more AFTER the KGC died out? Just because a piece of metal is buried in the ground at or near a treasure site doesn’t make it a clue. More than likely it was trash left behind or something that was accidentally dropped.
Whether or not you believe the stories about the KGC mega-bucks “depositories” or the template is ultimately up to you. I would ask that anyone wanting to hunt for these “depositories” spend a lot of time doing your own research before you go wondering around digging holes in the countryside.

If nothing else, by reading this article you now have a copy of one of the infamous templates and you know of a good book to read.

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