Thursday, June 10, 2010

You just can't fix stupid

If you find yourself in Virginia you might want to do a little research on Mathews County and it’s connection to King Charles II.

During his rein in the 1600’s King Charles made more than his share of enemies. As he continued to rule over the people he also continued to alienate others in his monarchy and at one point, this led him to believe he may have to make a stealthy get away or face consequences he didn‘t want to face.

In his planning he decided to send a group of his minions to the “New Colonies” with a load of gold and jewels for them to hide. The group was given very specific instructions on where to bury this treasure however, they apparently weren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer so the treasure didn’t get buried as instructed.

The King instructed his men to bury the treasure near Jamestown however, they chose to bury it near Mathews instead. The location of the treasure is supposed to be near the mouth of White Creek in the Haunted Woods which is about five miles from Mathews.

Once the King learned that his men had buried the treasure in the wrong area he immediately had them all put to death. Now, you would think that the King, being a King and all, would have had the foresight to find out the exact location of the treasure before he killed all of his men for being incompetent. It seems the King was a little incompetent himself as he never found the exact location of the treasure and it still sits waiting in the Haunted Woods for some lucky treasure hunter.

To me, that makes the King dumber than the guys he had bury the gold, but that’s just me.

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