Thursday, July 22, 2010

Looking through old newspapers.

I'm often asked how to find treasure sites. The answer is research, research, research! One of the best tools you can find on the Internet is This site will bring you hours of joy as you comb through thousands of newspaper pages. You can also do it the hard way and head to the local library and sort through boxes of microfiche film in hopes that you will come across that treasure lead that will fill your pockets full of gold coins.

In this case I'll save you the trouble and give those living in Iowa a place to start searching. It seems that when Henry Iwers passed away he left behind a small fortune that he hid around his farm. Mr. Iwers passed away May 30, 1936 of double pneumonia. Henry was the last of three bachelor brothers who amassed a small fortune.

A search of the property yielded an iron box with $88,000 in securities. A second box with $12,000 in gold and silver certificates, bonds, uncashed dividend checks were found in a shed. There was also $3500 found in the house. All the bills were of the old type and new bills had been issued five years earlier. This would be a clue that much more could have been hidden around the farm. Just think of the gold coins that may have been buried! This guy didn't believe in banks.

Henry was buried in the Durant Iowa Cemetery. A search at the Cedar County Court House should reveal the location Iwers homestead along with the name of the current land owners. All of this good information came from an Oklahoma Newspaper. Now get out there and find yourself a treasure site to hunt.

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