Friday, September 24, 2010

The Fourth Annual Get Together

As always, James and his lovely wife Amy did a wonderful job of hosting the fourth annual get together this year. We had about fifty people attend the meeting at the Jesse James Museum in Cache, OK and about half of those took a trip after lunch out to Buzzard’s Roost to see some of the markings left behind by Frank and Jesse James. James pointed out the location of several other clues that have been found over the years that aren’t there now due to oil field work in the area. For anyone interested in the treasures of Frank and Jesse James this was invaluable information, not to mention pretty damn interesting!

And speaking of lunch, if you were a vegetarian you had your choice of potato salad, cole slaw or pickles but if you like meat then you were in hog heaven, literally! Lunch was massive amounts of pulled pork, brisket and BBQ sausage and if that wasn’t enough our host had home made pies and cake for dessert! Let me clarify that, James didn’t make any home made pies. I’m not sure Amy will even let him in the kitchen!

As for the meeting itself, James gave a little history lesson of the area around Cement and introduced several other treasure hunters. He also gave a short talk on Joe Hunter, a famous Oklahoma treasure hunter and his connection to J. Frank Dalton. These were actual facts that he has researched and not information that has been rehashed over and over through the years.

We had a few that couldn’t make it this year due to health problems or work, including our buddy Homer. I know they were disappointed for not making it and they would have enjoyed the discussion we had concerning the alleged finds made in Kansas at what has been touted as a Knights of the Golden Circle treasure site. Excuse me while I stop laughing!

The museum has a few interesting items and as always, James brought several interesting things that most people will never get to see. Door prizes were given away that included books, treasure magazine subscriptions and some silver coins.

We would like to thank White’s Electronics for furnishing free pens, drinking bottles and calendars, Lost Treasure Magazine for supplying several copies of their latest edition and a year‘s subscription as a door prize and Western & Eastern Treasures magazine for supplying a free subscription as a door prize.

The get together continues to grow each year and it’s possible that next year there may be a detector hunt or possibly even a walk through an active treasure site with markings and clues deciphered to show you how they were worked.

Thanks to all who attended, if just in spirit and we hope to see you again next year!


parker said...
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Evin said...

eliterally just(hours ago) decided this is my new hobby/calling for my "my time". wish i could have been at the gathering but maybe next year. i travle all over as a geologist working oil rigs. with my next off time i plan on going after the illusive Pine Knott crossing cave. so thank you Ron for your blog and all the info i've gathered from you so far and to everyone else whom i can learn from keep your chin up but eyes to the prize. and have fun.

parker said...

A "BIG" Thanks to James and Ron for putting on this Get Together!!

This was my first time to attend. Enjoyed being able to visit with so many people of similar interests in one place. A very friendly crowd!

Noon meal was Excellent! After eating those that wanted to were treated to a guided tour of Buzzards Roost. James made the climb and pointed out all the features and carvings.

Speakers were interesting and the question and answer part was great.

Door prizes were given,(Heck, I even won one)!

This gathering is definately a must for anyone interested in Treasure Hunting!

Anonymous said...

Guys, I'm REALLY sorry I missed this! I had planned to attend but life tends to get in the way sometimes..


goverton said...

1. I left Kansas Map????
Yeah right....I read it different.

Now your pic below that of the rock that appears as a + sign.....I think that is a "4"
Is this at cement or is it moved away from orginal spot......cause it sure mathces some maps I have seen

okie treasure hunter said...

goverton you are welcome to interpret the "I left kansas map" however you like, but the signs and symbols that have been found show it to read as stated. The "4" rock you mentioned isn't anywhere near Cement and it is still at it's original spot.

Joe Southern said...

Hey, Evin, I too want to search for the Pine Knot treasure. PM at Planning to go that way on the wat to another site July19-22.