Thursday, October 14, 2010

Modern day 2 million treasure

We all know about Jesse James’s 2 million in gold hidden somewhere in the red dirt of Oklahoma, but have you heard of a recent two million lost? Well this treasure story begins in Indiana and ends in Alabama. A investment advisor named Shrenker had charges filed against him by the Indiana Department of Insurance on behalf of seven investors on January 2008 . They claimed he had commented fraud. In addition to this little problem, Schrenker's trophy wife of 13 years, filed for divorce on December 30, 2008. Well by January of 2009 our modern day outlaw was in some hot water with the Indiana courts system. So like any good outlaw he decided to plan his escape from it all. On January 11, 2009, Schrenker departed in his turboprop single-engine Piper Meridian (tail number N428DC) from an airfield in Anderson, Indiana, scheduled to fly to Destin, Florida. Near Birmingham, Alabama, our outlaw made a distress call, telling air traffic controllers that his windshield had imploded and he was "bleeding profusely.” He then set the plane to autopilot and parachuted out. The plane flew on, crossing Alabama before ultimately crashing in Santa Rosa County, Florida. Military jets that had been dispatched to intercept Schrenker's plane discovered it in flight, with its door open and cockpit empty. They followed the plane until it crashed just north of Milton, Florida at about 9:20pm. The plane had flown 200 miles on autopilot and crashed 50 to 75 yards from a residential area.

Our outlaw had bailed out with a parachute on his back and tethered to a bag containing 1440 ounces of gold tethered to his leg. Well you know that gold can be some pretty heavy stuff and our outlaw here was for sure no boy scout. As he neared the ground he saw that he was headed for the Coosa River. Well panic must have set in at this point, after he hit the water he had to cut the bag loose. Nearly drowning with a bag of gold and a parachute strapped to you would make any man a little worn. After parachuting to the ground, Schrenker made his way to a private residence in Childersburg, Alabama, arriving around 2:30am extremely wet. He told the people there he had had a canoe accident. He then asked them for a ride into town. When he was arrested he had no bag of gold and only pocket money on him.

Now I think I have given you just about everything you need to know for this one. Dates, Times, distance of travel, names and heck even a aircraft tail number. I don’t know who else would give ya that much info on a treasure lead worth 2 million?


okie treasure hunter said...

Great story and welcome aboard!

okie treasure hunter said...

You posted this story a week or two before Lost Treasure came out with it as well. Your story provided more useful information. That's the way to lead the pack!