Monday, November 1, 2010

One of the largest cash robberies in U.S History

Here is another tale of modern day outlaws where the loot was never found. Our story begins in sunny California in a little city called Los Angeles. In 1997 a regional safety inspector for “Dunbar Armored” decided that he would mastermind a little heist of the “Dunbar Armored” facility. He then decided to recruit five of his childhood friends to help. Lots of planning and timing went into this heist. The safety inspector timed the cameras and determined how they could be avoided. He also knew how many personnel would be on duty at the facility. They waited until they knew that the facility vault was open due to the large quantities of money being moved. On Friday, September 12, the safety inspector and his little gang of childhood friends entered the facility using the safety inspector’s access key. They then proceeded to ambush the guards one by one from the staff cafeteria. Once they had the security personnel down to a minimum, they rushed the guards in the vault before any alarms could be sound. They spent the next thirty minutes loading a U-haul truck with nearly $20 million in non-sequential bills. Well the police soon figured out that this had to be a inside job and a short time without any leads they finally got a break. One of the childhood chums that helped in the robbery gave a stack of bills from the heist to another friend. Well this guy wasn’t real bright because the stack of bills still had the original cash straps on it. Once this little piece of evidence was turned over to the authorities the rest of the gang was picked up along with the mastermind safety inspector. They were all given 24 years in prison. Only $10 million of the money was every accounted for. Nice little payday when parole day comes in 2021? Maybe not if you can find it first.

Now if I was a treasure hunter(hint hint) I would probably start out researching our safety inspecting mastermind (did I mention his name was Allen pace?). Then I would find out where he and his friends grew up. Maybe start looking around some area that was familiar to him and his childhood chums. Maybe a place they all hung out as kids or maybe a place they all might have spent weekends together. Chances are they might have hidden that nice little haul in a place they all knew well and a place that felt safe to them. Don’t we all have memories of some place that we like to return to every now and then and treasure in our minds?

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okie treasure hunter said...

It just goes to show you that not all treasures have been buried for a 100+ years. I know of a Kentucky drug dealer who buried his money in pvc pipe banks. As far as I know the money is still there. Great story by the way.