Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Metal Detecting law

Our good buddy Homer e-mailed me this and I thought I would post it for our readers. If you live in Washington or hunt in Washington you might want to give your two cents worth.

Everyone interested in metal detecting,

We have a bill in the senate that is intended to open all developed areas in Washington State Parks, excluding those that are designated archaeological sites.

What we need to do is write the senators on the committee and ask for their support of the bill, the more letters of support that we get the better our chances for the bill to get out of committee.

All I wrote is . Short and to the point..................................

Senator ---------,
Please support SB 5506, the bill to keep state park lands open to metal detecting.

Thank you,

Your Name

encourage others to write also, it only takes a few minutes.

The Natural Resources, Ocean and Recreation Committee consist of the following.
Senator Kevin Ranker , Chairman, kevin.Ranker@leg.wa.gov most important!

Senator Debbie Regala , vice Chair, debbie.regala@leg.wa.gov

Senator Bob Morton, bob.morton@leg.wa.gov has supported us in the past

Senator Karen Fraser karen.fraser@leg.wa.gov has stalled previous bills in committee, and they died

Senator Dan Swecker dan.swecker@leg.wa.gov

Senator James Hargrove jim.hargrove@leg.wa.gov has supported us in the past

Senator Val Stevens val.stevens@leg.wa.gov
Write to one or all, but please write.
Thank you

Ron Sharer, pres,

Metal Detecting Association of Washington

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