Saturday, May 7, 2011

A little humor

Thanks go out to Homer for sending this to me. I thought some of you might enjoy it also.


Steve Gillman said...

Here's a place to add to the list: Drained ponds. We recently watched as a local with a metal detector filled his pockets with coins (some old I presume) from the bottom of the drained pond in a nearby park. He said it was the first time in eighty years that they had drained the pond.

"Bud smart detectorist" said...

T`aint funny.When I was a child of 11, I had raked up a pile of damp leaves. A big pile!My kitchen matches would not light it up! So I poured gasoline on top real good and lit a match!I got a flame that time! The flame raced down to the edge of the pile just missing my pants and then raced back to the center of the pile and "WHOOSH" straight up in a column of yellow flame and burning leaves! Nobody was around to offer me a Bud or anything else!That folks was 59 years ago in Falls Church,Virginia!

odellj said...

I think that guy on the beach was