Monday, August 22, 2011

Hawkins Hidden Cache

During the mid 1800's John Hawkins was a stockman, farmer, and trader in the Cherokee nation. It seems he was very good at what he did and managed to accumulate a bit of wealth. Since banks were a scarce commodity he did like most folks and just buried his money. Ol' John took $10,000 in gold coins, put them in a bean pot and secretly buried the cache near his house. As with many of these lost caches John didn't tell his family where he hid the money and it wasn't until he had become very ill that he tried to give directions. Unfortunately for the family John passed away before good instructions could be given. The homestead was called the "Old Woods Place" in 1907 and was located two miles southeast of Tahlequah, Oklahoma. With the price of gold nearing $2000 an ounce, gold coins are bringing big dollars!!!!!!!!

With the gold being buried in a bean pot this would be a good location to try out a schonstedt. If you get lucky remember where you got the story. Hint! Hint!

A records search at the Cherokee County Court House should give a legal description of the Old Woods Place and by using our links section found on this blog, http://www.glorecords.blm/gov/ an 1898 plat map will show you where the house once stood. To help you along in your search you might Look in Township 16 North and Range 22 East. I'd even give you the section number, but that would take all the fun out of it.

I created the blog to be used as a tool for other treasure hunters, so I add useful links as I find them. If you have one that you think would make a great addition to the blog feel free to e-mail me. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Good luck and Good Hunting!

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