Thursday, April 19, 2012

American Digger

I had hopes that this new show would be something fresh and interesting, but after watching a few episodes I'm saying bogus. Much like a pro wrestling match it's entertaining to watch, but in the back of your mind you know it's fake.

Who knew that a rototiller was a good tool for artifact hunting? I could hear the screams of archaeologists as I watched in horror. If you're going to plant stuff to find on camera then maybe a tiller would come in handy. I want Randy to sell all the relics and artifacts I've found over the years, because I could never get the kind of money he does for his finds.

The one thing I can see being real and legit is all the times he hears the words not interested or no when he asks permission to search someones property. I'd have to hold out for a 50/50 split and would feel a bit insulted only being offered a 20% cut.

Maybe I'm being a bit harsh since I'll be watching the next episode that comes on.


Anonymous said...

Yep, Kind of like watching a car wreck, you know how it's going to turn out but you just can't seem to look the other way.

MoreforLes said...

agree 100% on the American Diggers show.. just too much fake excitement and the supposed prices he get for his finds are dubious to say the least. another show that I like much better, but seem to miss when it airs is the Meteorite Men... much more informative and not so fake.

Harley said...

American Digger is really baad, and I expected more. I did come across one that is really REAL and hard core Treasure Hunters. Look at this link:

MoreforLes said...

there was/is another show, called the meteorite men, which they specialize in finding meteorites, but I have to think they find other interesting metal things while looking... and there seems to be some big money IN meteorites, so I might have to start learning more about looking for them too...'