Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Deadly Path to Treasure

     One of the things about facebook are the people you come into contact with and I've had the great fortune of reading a true adventure story authored by my facebook friend Robert Moran. A Deadly Path to Treasure is the story of his decades of exploits. From start to finish Bob shows his daring and willingness to take risks that keep life interesting. He also gives great insight into the search for the Spanish galleons Atocha and Margarita . His style of writing is raw and plain spoken and will keep you entertained. The book comes in pdf form on a cd and includes over a 164 color photos. You can order your own copy at

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Anonymous said...

I knew Moran when I worked at treasure Salvors.

The guy in the photo is not him.

Around Key West he would boast about robbing drug dealers and flaunt his boat and plane. At a time when the Florida Keys was loaded with drug dealers and drug enforcement agents.

Take the book as mostly fiction.