Thursday, July 17, 2008

100th Post JJ III Map

Wow! How time has flown by. We are already here doing our 100th post. I have to thank Alec for the wonderful job he has done keeping the blog fresh with great stories and information. He has really carried a heavy load around here while I have been busy with research. Most of the information I have dug up will eventually find it's way here to the blog.
In honor of our KGC readers I'm dedicating this post to those chasing J. Frank Dalton's supposed hidden wealth. I have posted a copy of an original JJ III map that if real should lead treasure hunters to $6,000,000 in hidden Caches. This map is vague on the exact location of the hidden money, but maybe those who are in the "know" about KGC maps can find some hidden information that will lead them to this fabulous wealth. I've been told that some treasure hunters have found some of the symbols shown on the map, but there's hasn't been any word of a recovery.
The map shows a building setting on a hillside and below it is a symbol showing the compass directions and the words "Money Boxes Stacked in This larger room". In the bottom right corner are the words "Masonic Emblem" and "Sealed Shut". Since the wording on the map is hard to read I will write it out below.
From the map:
The remaining $2,000,000 Treasure may still remain about 50 miles south of Old Fort El Reno and about 55 mile southwest of what is now the Santa Fe depot in Oklahoma City. The said $4,000,000, in the said sealed cave is about the same distance northeast of Fort El Reno. Along in April 1889 millions of acres of Indian lands was thrown open to land hungry people and the whole vast area was fenced & started to become a rich agricultural area so original marked trees etc., etc., are destroyed & yet certain general land marks remain to locate or work
Orvus Lee Houk had a number of maps he had drawn up over the years supposedly at the direction of J. Frank Dalton. I've viewed a few of these and I know for a fact that most don't resemble any of the authentic Jesse James maps that I have seen.
Houk did have one map in his possession that could be authentic. I believe Houk acquired his copy from Joe Hunter. I call it the Demault Map and for those who like to do research you can find a picture of it in an old newspaper. I've got a copy of it so I can verify that what is shown in the newspaper is what Joe Hunter had. Orvus Houk, Roscoe James, James Cooper, and John Trammell were in the hills of eastern Ohio searching for this treasure. This was in March of 1949, so I've given enough information for those interested to find this newspaper on their own. Joe Hunter searched for the DeMault map treasure here in Oklahoma and the clues on the map show that it goes to this state. Maybe someday we can write a blog story about it.
I'm still waiting for the day when someone steps forward and shows us proof of one of the KGC vaults and it's untold millions being recovered. The fame of such a find would no doubt bring a fortune itself to the lucky treasure hunter who would make such a recovery.
As always we welcome comments and suggestions as we strive to continue to improve the blog. Our goal is to make it entertaining and educational. You can't beat the price either. There aren't too many places you can find this kind of information for free.
I want to thank our readers for their encouraging words and I pray that each of you will be successful in your search.

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