Friday, July 25, 2008

Hawk, Howk, Houk, Jesse Lee James, Jesse James III

By now I'm sure a few of you are starting to question if there was any truth in the stories and books that Orvus Lee Houk told and wrote. For those who like doing their own research it's easy to show the falsehoods of many of these tall tales.

Let's take the story about the 2000 repeating rifles being passed out to the native warriors at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Modern forensic science has proven that the true number of repeating rifles was just over 200. Either Howk had told a lie or 1800 warriors chose not to fire their weapons.

Jesse James and the Lost Cause and Jesse James was One of His Names were both written over 20 years after J. Frank Daltons death. It would have been easy enough for Orvus Lee to make up the "true" history of Dalton as he saw fit. There is one book though that was written while Dalton was alive and ,though it too is full of lies and deceit, it tells a different story than that of Houks later books.

When Dalton came out in 1948 claiming he was Jesse James, the newspaper reporters who broke the story wrote a book called Jesse James Rides Again. In an affidavit Dalton admits to being Jesse James, the son of Robert and Zerelda James of Missouri. He claimed to be born September 5, 1847 in Centerville, Mo. Now let's stop here for a minute. We find in the later years that Dalton was supposed to be the Kentucky Jesse. Is it that he was so used to telling lies that it was only natural for him to make his debut with a falsehood?

How do you answer the claims that Dalton was using sworn affidavits that John James had used years before in his claim that he was truly Jesse James? That answer is simple. After John died in 1939, and had been proven a fraud, persons associated with him simply saddled up to Dalton.

Howk had a number of photos in his books claiming to show Jesse W. James. It is easy to prove that none of these men are even the same person, much less the real Jesse James. What you get from Houk is story after story covering up lie after lie, yet there are those out there who continue to use Jesse Lee James' information as the foundation for their treasure hunting theories. It's no wonder that no KGC mega caches have been found. I'd dare say that more money has been made from writing books about the KGC than what the original organization ever accumulated during it's entire existence.

I know, I know, Jesse James III claimed that the south had $7,000,000,000 in gold reserve and hundreds of millions of dollars in silver. Can anybody pony up those records please. I'd like to see them for myself. I highly doubt there was $1,000,000,000 in gold collectively in the south and that would include gold crowns and fillings in the mouths of the southern citizens.

J. Frank Dalton still remains a mystery as far as his true identity is concerned, but the facts prove him nothing more than a fraud. Orvus Lee Howk/Houk, The Hawk, Jesse Lee James, Jesse James III was himself nothing more than a thief, conman, and liar.

I think researchers will one day unravel the twisted story of J. Frank Dalton. Information still pours in to me from many different sources concerning these two men. I'm able to dig further into the truth of it all as time allows and I'm sure many more stories will make it onto the blog.

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