Thursday, June 11, 2009

$40,000 in Gold Coins

It seems that gold is just hidden everywhere when you start looking for the stories. This one takes us back to Oklahoma (again) and very near the Wichita Mountains.

Back in the early 1900’s three outlaws decided to rob a bank in “Wichita“. The story was unclear about the location of Wichita and what state it was in. Based on what I can tell from the story this may have been a bank in Wichita, KS.

So the three outlaws robbed this bank and made there way to the Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma carrying with them $40,000 in gold coins. Once they were in the mountains they felt they were safe and could relax a little. This turned out to be a very big mistake. The three outlaws ran into a small band of Indians who were none too pleased to see the outlaws. A gunfight ensued and the outlaws took the worst of it.

One of the outlaws was killed during the fight and the Indians were able to make off with all three of the bandit’s horses, leaving them high and dry with $40,000 in gold coins. The two outlaws that survived the attack decided to bury the gold and make their way on foot to the nearest town. Well, that was one of the outlaw’s plan anyway. The other outlaw decided he didn’t need a partner anymore and once the gold was buried he shot and killed the other bandit.
Now there was one. The lone, greedy outlaw made his way to Marlow, OK only to be identified as one of the bank robbers and captured. He later tried to escape from his captors but was shot in the process. It would seem Karma was alive and well and came back to bite the outlaw big time!

As he lay dying from his wounds the outlaw confessed that he and his now deceased partner had buried the gold coins “in the rocks southwest of Mount Scott”.

As far as anyone knows, this gold is still where it was buried, waiting for some lucky sole to find. Keep in mind that it is illegal to treasure hunt in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge so make sure of where you are.

Marlow, Oklahoma, why does that name sound familiar? Oh yea, that’s where the get together on June 13th is going to be. :-)


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