Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Update on the Seven Springs Treasure

For those of you interested in looking for this Spanish treasure you should know that you might not find Dad's bones. I know your disappointed but that's just a part of life!

Okie had a little piece of info I was unaware of when I wrote the story. It seems he was holding out on me. LOL

Many years after Dad disappeared and was thought to have left with the treasure a new road was being cut at the end of the mile section that the seven springs are/were located in. While cutting the road a skeleton was unearthed. To my knowledge no identification was made but in my opinion, there is a better than average chance that "dem bones" belonged to Dad.

The good news is; it would appear that nobody dug up any treasure and disappeared with it which means there still may be nine cart loads of gold and silver just sitting there waiting to be found. How much gold and silver can you put in a cart??

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