Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Lucky Penny

For those of you that just sit around being bored every once in a while and wish you had something to do, you may want to start swinging the detector a couple of hours a day at your favorite coin shooting spot.
Although this penny wasn’t found using a metal detector it is a very good reminder of what might be out there for some lucky person with a detector and good eyes.

Walter J. Husak starting doing chores around his grandparents home when he was 13 years old. For his efforts his grandparents would pay him with the change they had around the home and his grandfather would occasionally throw in the “odd” old coin just to keep Walter curious. Walter’s curiosity got the best of him and it made him a life long collector of coins, especially pennies.

Just recently Mr. Husak put his coin collection up for sale and one penny he had, a 1794 penny, sold for $632,000.00! One coin, SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!!

Once they added in the rest of Walter’s collection to the auction the grand total of the sale was $10,700,000.00! Now that’s a coin collection!

The article I got this from reported that they had received information about people going to the banks and buying bags of pennies just to search through them to find any old and possibly valuable coins. Does that sound familiar? Maybe somebody saw Jamie in the bank!

The article also said that there are several pennies worth between $200.00 and $20,000.00 or more still out there in the world just waiting to be found and brought to auction.

So what are you waiting for! Turn off the TV and grab your detector and get out there! If nothing else, go to the bank and spend ten dollars on pennies and see what you come up with. You can always sell the ordinary coins back to the bank and not be out any money at all. You might just find a coin that could add considerably to your own bank account.

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