Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Men, Horses and Treasure

Here’s a rather odd treasure tale for you. If you happen to get into the state of Kansas you could put your dowsing skills to the test with this one.

According to legend, there is a rather large cave northwest of Dodge City, KS that contains several treasures of an unnamed outlaw gang. This cave was used by cattlemen back in the 1800’s to protect themselves and their cattle during bad storms.

I guess I should have said there WAS a cave northwest of Dodge City that the cattlemen used to use. For a reason not given, a man named George Wade from the town of Spearville took it upon himself to seal up the entrance to the cave using the easiest method at the time, a healthy portion of dynamite!

OK, you’re saying to yourself; what’s so odd about that? The odd part of the legend (in my opinion anyway) says that when Mr. Wade set off the dynamite there was a gang of outlaws inside the cave with their horses and loot from more than one robbery. It seems this unnamed outlaw gang apparently frequented the cave and hid the stolen loot from several robberies inside the cave.

Could it be that Mr. Wade was a victim of this outlaw gang and decided to take his revenge when he had the chance? Could it be that Mr. Wade was a member of the outlaw gang and decided he wanted to break up the group and was just a little dramatic in his ways?

Spearville, KS, the town that Mr. Wade supposedly came from, is about twenty miles north east of Dodge City so it would seem odd (again, in my opinion) that he would be twenty miles or more west of his home blowing up a cave unless he had a pretty good reason to do so.

The cave would have had to have been extremely large to get a gang of outlaws and their horses in it much less cattlemen and even a small heard of cattle. If the legend is true then this could be a bonanza of treasure including money, guns and other relics of the time. That is, if you don’t mind sorting through a bunch of old bones for your treasure!

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