Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Utah Ghost Towns, relics and gold

Are you looking for a ghost town with a few skeletons in it’s closet? Well have I got a deal for you. This one actually has real skeletons!

Summit County, Utah is the site of what once was the town of Weber Station. Located at the mouth of Echo Canyon and just two miles from the ghost town of Echo City, Weber Station has already given up a few treasures.

In 1931 when the original stage stop was dismantled they found several things hidden in the walls including relics from the 1800’s and several five dollar gold pieces. Also in 1931 an old gas station that had been built on top of where the Weber Station saloon was located was torn down so that a new building could be built. As they were digging out the foundation they discovered seven skeletons that had been there since the “glory” days.

It seems that several businesses in Weber City only existed to steal from the railroad workers coming to the area. Several people disappeared during that time never to be heard from again. I guess we know what happened to at least seven of them.

Along with the less than honest saloons, gambling tents and brothels that were taking advantage of the workers you also had an outlaw gang that used Weber Station as it’s headquarters. The Rachet Gang operated in this area during the 1800’s and stories persist that they buried some of their ill-gotten booty in the ground around the town.

If outlaws and money hidden in walls isn’t enough for you then you can go the extra mile, well actually it’s two miles, to the location of Echo City. This is also a ghost town and during it’s hay day had at least fifty buildings, mostly saloons and gambling establishments. As with Weber City, some construction was being done in the early 1900’s during which they tore down the old jail. In a stone wall of one of the jail cells they found a pair of glasses (the kind you see through, not drink from) and a cache of gold coins.

I guess the guy didn’t need his glasses or his gold which makes you wonder what happened to the person who left them behind. A strong rope comes to mind.

Although I’m not sure why, there are said to be several caches buried in and around the area of what was Echo City. I believe most of these caches are probably from the business owners who were trying to keep their own money safe from the other nefarious characters in town.

Keep in mind there should be lots of relics in these two areas. The stage coach passed through both towns and several artifacts have already been found in the past.

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Anonymous said...

My great grandfather was the last owner of the Echo Roller Mills,in the Jones family. He died the same night in 1964 when a cousin told him there was nothing left of the mill.his name was Marlowe Jones