Monday, December 14, 2009

KGC Article Part VI

After a great trip to a fairly famous treasure site I'm back to finish the last post about this article. I'd like to thank Jeff, Bill, and Conrad for their hospitality and the chance to view the site.

This last part of the article is fairly lenghty, so I will just post a portion of it. Thearticle was first published in Louisville, Ky and may have helped to keep Kentucky neutral due to the revelation of KGC's plans and desires.

Obligation Delivered by Governor

Before God and these witnesses, I do vow that I will never reveal the signs, grips, passwords, tokens or significants of the 57 (Knights of the Columbian Star) to any man, woman, or child, except to a 57 in good and lawful standing, and then only as hereafter directed and for the lawful purposes of this Order. And I pledge to commit myself fully and freely to each of the following obligations, and in perfect good faith.

1st. I vow and promise to conceal the names of the 57, the oblects and character thereof, and never to speak of the same as though I was a member, except to those who can give me our sacred word in such a way as to satisfy me they are 57.

2nd. No matter what information or secrets may be given to me by a 57 and because I am one, I will hold to the same sacredly in my own knowledge and never re-communicate it even to a 57 (Knights of the Columbian Star) unless authorized so to do by the brother whose secret it is. I will never speak evil of a brother 57 either before his face or behind his back. I will never dishonor the wife or daughter of a 57, knowing them to be such, but I will shield and protect the character of all 57 whom I may know to be such - their wives, daughters, and families.

3rd. I will oppose to the utmost of my abilities, and never consent, but vote against the admission of a confirmed drunkard, professional gambler, rowdy convicted felon, 68 (abolitionist), negro, Indian, minor, idiot, or 69 (foriegnor), to membership in this department of 33. But I will get as many good and eligible 70 (Southern-born men) to join this degree I as I can.

The article goes on to talk about the KGC's mistrust of Roman Catholics, Northern Teachers etc. Many more of their number codes are given and the Sacred word [Eloi], the password [Andalusia], and more grips and signs for the Third Degree.

Look for a future article from Ron about our weekend trip and many other things as well.

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yesimurfreak said...

im from E ok/ W ar and would love to chat with you fellas about the kgc. i find it very interesting and have been spending alot of time reading about it but with noone else to put in their takes.