Saturday, December 19, 2009

Treasure Hunters in the News

I would like to start off by apologizing to our readers for taking all week to get a new article posted. With Christmas just around the corner it has been a little hectic and I have gotten behind.

Now, for those of you that have attended one or more of the annual treasure hunter meetings that James is so kind to put on you will enjoy this article. For the ones that haven’t had the opportunity to be at one of the meetings you should still enjoy the article and get a little information about hunting outlaw treasure that you may not have had before.

On Sunday, 13 December 2009 the Daily Oklahoman, the big paper for Oklahoma City, OK published a front page article about some treasure hunters searching for the lost loot of Jesse James. Some of you will recognize the names in this article (I’m hoping you will) and may want to comment on it.

Instead of re-writing the entire article I am going to make it easy on myself and simply post the link to the original article from the newspaper.

As you read this I would ask that you pay close attention to the description of James in the article and, being the kind of treasure hunters that I know you to be, I would expect James to get several e-mails of good natured ribbing concerning that description. He’s going to kill me for this but hey, what are friends for!! :~)

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