Saturday, January 30, 2010

I stand corrected!

We have people from all over the world that read this blog, yes, all over the world, and they are a pretty smart bunch. I have been informed by one of our readers that some of the information in my last article about Spanish gold and silver in Mills, County, TX is wrong.

Well, I can't do all of the research for you! :~)

This story came from a book that I have and it gave the details about the area where the treasure is supposed to be. According our reader, the Guthrie Caves along the Colorado River are about 8-10 miles WEST of Goldthwait, TX and not four miles northeast of Goldthwait.

This would mean that either the story of where the treasure was hidden is wrong or the caves along the Colorado don't have anything to do with it. Our reader did say there were a LOT of caves along the Colorado in that area (he spent a lot of time camping in that area) and some of the caves have Indian carvings and paintings in them. So it could be possible the Spanish treasure is in a cave along the Colorado instead of being hidden in a cave NE of Goldthwait.

I would like to thank our reader for adding to the information and setting me straight on where things are down that way. This would be a good lesson in doing research before you start wondering around the country side following a story.

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