Monday, January 18, 2010

Treasure found in a safe

This is a story about a modern day treasure that was found recently by a friend of mine and fellow treasure hunter. For this article I will call him “the sentinel” because he is a security minded individual and likes to spend his time watching the beaches near his home for things that look out of place. You know, things like bikinis that are too small!

The Sentinel owns some rental property in one of the best places in the world, Hawaii. Honolulu, Hawaii to be exact. Book ‘em Danno! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

Anyway, several years ago a retired couple by the name of Doris and Henry Schnetz moved in to one of the Sentinel’s rental properties. They lived there for about two years before moving to a larger home where they were taken care of by Dan Dutko and Lindsay Roberson.
When the Schnetz’s moved out of the rental property they left behind a safe. It was locked and required a combination and key to get into. The safe was moved to the home of my friend so that it would be safe until the Schnetz’s returned for it. Unfortunately, both of the elder Schnetz’s passed on and they never came back for the safe. Being the busy man that the sentinel is (there are lots of bikinis to watch on those beaches) the safe sat at his home for over six years. The sentinel would occasionally wonder what might be in the safe, usually right after he tripped over it because he forgot it was there.

Curiosity, and apparently the lack of bikinis on the beach finally got the best of him so he decided to see if there was anything in the safe. He contacted the manufacturer of the safe and supplied them with all of the proper documentation and was rewarded with a combination and key. Upon opening the safe he found a list of items that should be in the safe along with almost all of the items on the list.

The items found in the safe included Masonic rings, as Mr. Schnetz was a Master Mason, Diamond encrusted Masonic Pins, a gold watch he received when retiring from a pharmacy he owned on Oahu, and a 92 Bush/Quayle lapel pin. Besides these items there were also several gold, silver, pearl and diamond rings, pendants, broaches, cuff links, bracelets, watches, tuxedo buttons and earrings. There were also several military ribbons that Mr. Schnetz had earned while serving his country.

That’s quite a haul for any treasure hunter to find, especially for never leaving your home!
Now you would think that is where this story would end but you would be wrong. The sentinel is trying to locate the rightful heirs to these items and is asking for your help so that the items can be returned to the family. The Schnetz’s went to live and be cared for by Lindsay Roberson and Dan Dutko in Honolulu, Hawaii. It appears that the Schnetz’s had a son and we are in the process of trying to find him.

If there is anyone out there that might know Lindsay Roberson, Dan Dutko or someone directly related to Doris and Henry Schnetz of Honolulu, HI then we would ask that you contact us and let us know. You can e-mail me directly at or you can get in touch with James through is e-mail listed at the top of the blog and we will forward the information on to the sentinel.

Hopefully by the time some of you read this we will have already found the heirs to this treasure but don’t let that stop you from contacting us. You never know when a trail will dead end and more information is always better than less.

My friend would like to say; Mahalo! (Hawaiian for thank you!) for any help you can provide.


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Anonymous said...

I knew Doris and Henry. They never had any children and Doris has a neice in the mainland.