Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Green River Cache

Some treasure cache stories can come from your very own family and in the case of this story it did. I had a great uncle with a colorful and varied past. For as long as I can remember he wore a turquoise and silver watch and rings. The true story of how he came to own them is up for speculation, but there are a few family legends.

Before his death he did reveal that there was a paper sack full of jewelry that he buried many years before. He said he could drive back to the spot, but as is the case we never were able to make the trip before his death. He was tight lipped with the exact details of where he hid the goodies, but he did give enough that someone with the time to research some Wyoming maps from the 50's and 60's just might get lucky.

From what I could gather he hid the paper sack near a telephone pole at a rest stop along the Green River in Wyoming. While this isn't much to go on, it is more than I have had for several treasure searches I've been on. Hopefully one of our readers will get lucky and make a nice find while traveling through on vacation. Just remember where this lead came from. : )

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Daniel said...

Treasure stories from your own family are the best in my opinion. When I was a little boy my aunt told me that there was a cache of stolen church silver buried in the area where my grandparents lived. I've not tried to research the story to see if it's true, but I will in the future.

Another story that my grandmother told me I know is true. Her parents or grandparents buried a whole bunch of copper pots and other kitchenware. Why and when I don't know, most likely in the early 1900's. But I do know where they buried it..