Monday, March 1, 2010

Wichita Kansas Gold Mine?

This one might rank right up there with trying to find a unicorn or the tooth fairy, but according to a 1757 French map there once was a gold mine in the area of Wichita Kansas. In a book published in 1757 entitled "History of Louisiana". In this book is a map in which the author Lee Page Du Pratz wrote "Mine d' Or," which means gold mine for us none French speakers. The spot indicated is at the junction of the Little Arkansas and Arkansas Rivers.

How many searches for this lost gold mine have been made is anyones guess, but in 1836 Jesse Chisholm led a party up the Arkansas River in search of it. Chisholm later headquarted in this area for years afterward. In 1900 a party of treasure hunters spent nearly two years digging around the wichita area, but nothing was found.

Most likely Du Pratz had heard of the legend of a party of Spaniards who buried their gold after being attacked by indians in the area in Wichita is now located. This treasure was probably buried in the first half of the 1700's and is the true source of Du Pratz Gold Mine.

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