Thursday, April 29, 2010

Something New

OK, so this isn’t THAT new but it’s new to me and hopefully to some of our readers.

I’ve been doing some research lately on detectors searching for one with a specific use in mind. During my research I came across this little jewel that looks like it would be a good thing for the coin shooters and relic hunters and those of us that need to pinpoint something at a fairly good depth.

The machine I am talking about is the Detector Pro Pistol Probe. I have not personally used one of these yet but the reviews have been good enough that I thought I would pass the information along.

The Pistol Probe is a miniature pulse induction unit designed specifically for pinpointing small targets at maximum depth. The unit is about 14 inches long with a barrel length of six and one half inches. The probe will pick up a coin in the ground at a depth of 5-6 inches. This is great compared to the other probes on the market the generally only get about two inches of depth.
The unit runs on two nine volt batteries and has audio and visual cues. If you are hunting somewhere where you don’t want any noise heard you can turn off the sound and just use the L.E.D. lights on the unit to determine the location of your target.

The Pistol Probe retails for about $180.00 and comes with a two year warranty and it’s own holster to wear on your belt.

The unit has only three knobs and one button. The first is a power knob to change the pitch or go to a silent search mode with lights instead of sound. The second is a frequency control knob to help overcome any interference that might crop up and the third is a threshold control to tune & adjust the sensitivity level on the probe. These three knobs are behind a closed door on the top of the unit.

The button is a momentary on/off switch so that you can turn the machine on and set it the way you want it and then when you are ready to actually use it you just push the momentary on/off button and wave the unit around. The L.E.D.s are on top of the unit for easy viewing.
If you think this might be the thing for you then you should check them out at Detector Pro’s website:

Here is a link to a youtube video that was made about the unit.

This is about a ten minute video so make sure you have some time to sit and watch. I don’t want this article to sound like an advertisement for the Pistol Probe but this is something a little different from the regular probes since it is a pulse unit so I thought I would make our readers aware of it’s existence just in case someone might be interested.

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