Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nine Pound Gold Nugget Found

I took this little "nugget" of information from one of the forums I am a member of. I'd like to thank the member who posted it because I stole it directly from him. I thought our readers might want to know what is being reported in the way of gold finds.
NEVADA CITY, CA - More than 160 years after the discovery of gold led to the California Gold Rush, a Nevada County landowner offered proof the 49ers left plenty behind for future generations.
Jim Sanders, identified as a San Francisco businessman, provided a picture to The Union newspaper of a 9-pound nugget he said he found on property owned by his family. The newspaper agreed not to identify the precise location of the discovery.
Sanders told the paper he also found two other large nuggets, one 10 ounces and another 8 ounces. He said a professional survey of the property showed there's a lot more where those came from in an area of past hydraulic mining.

Local jeweler Terry Mohr hadn't seen the nugget, but was impressed nonetheless at the reported size, which he said would make it worth well over $100,000.

"I've been doing gold nugget jewelry for over 30 years and I don't know as I've heard of a nugget that size being found in this area in all the time I've been involved," Mohr said.

Sanders told The Union that he chose to take his discovery public because he will be seeking permits to begin mining the property.


Daniel said...

Wow, that's an amazing "nugget". I would love to find just a tiny nugget. Too bad the ice sheet that was covering Sweden during the last ice age pulverized all gold nuggets.

Daniel said...

Follow up to my last comment:
Even though you wont find any 9-pound nuggets in Sweden, there's gold here. Some people believe there's as much gold here as there were in Alaska and Yukon in the gold rush days. The problem is that the gold has been spread out over a large area due to the movement of the ice sheet. The way to go in Sweden seems to be by panning your way to the mother lode and then bring in the heavy machinery for hard rock mining. I've heard of people using dredges here too, some guy in northern Finland is making a living using his dredge. Most Swedes don't even know that gold exists in Sweden, which is a good thing for the few who are out there looking for it!