Thursday, May 13, 2010

George Parrott, A Wyoming Outlaw

I figured while I was looking at research up north I would just stay there with this story from Wyoming.

This one is about an outlaw that had a pension for stealing gold, either from the gold shipments themselves coming from the mines in the area or from the payrolls for the people working in the area.

George Parrott operated in South Dakota and Wyoming and hid the majority of his spoils near the Black Hills located in these two states. George was extremely fond of the Big Horn Mountains and he and “the gang” hid out in that area almost exclusively. They were known to return to the Big Horn Mountains after almost every robbery.

As with most of the outlaws of the late 1800’s the gang members were all eventually captured or killed because enough was never enough. Just like part of his gang, George Parrott was caught, and I would assume given a fair trial , before he was summarily hanged.

In 1947 a book was published entitled “Wyoming, Frontier State“. In this book was a map to one of George Parrott’s hidden treasures. It’s not much of a map and I have posted the drawing at the top of this article. Along with the drawing was the following information:

“This box is at cross in line with the 3 hills and twin buttes on south of Beaver Creek several miles. The cache is on the eastside of Dry Beaver at second bend north from junction in little draw.”

So there you have it, a supposed outlaw map with an X that marks the spot and everything. What more could you ask for?

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