Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A dispute over Pirate Treasure, Arrrrrrg!

This story comes from our good buddy Homer who is always on the look out for treasure.

The story was originally posted on the web December 24, 2010 but as usual, I'm a little behind.

A FAMILY staking its claim on land in San Salvador where it is believed billions of dollars worth of pirate treasure is buried secured a consent order in court yesterday that will bring excavation efforts on the disputed property to a temporary halt.

Dennis Bethell and his family are contending that the land being excavated at Fortune Hill, San Salvador belonged to their ancestor Nimrod Newton by way of a Crown grant dated August 8, 1876.

The Newton tract encompasses 47 acres on Fortune Hill and includes an area of the 23 acres owned by Dorothy Black-Beal who has reportedly started excavation on the disputed tract of land.

Mr Bethell contends that Mrs Beal's property was erroneously mapped over a portion of his land to encompass the cave in which the treasure is believed to be buried.

Rumours of treasure buried on the land have been circulating in San Salvador for years.

Mrs Black's attorneys agreed during a closed court hearing before Justice Bernard Turner to a consent order to stop excavation on the land for 14 days as the claim by Mr Bethell and his family is investigated.

Mr Bethell said that he had initially come to court to seek an injunction to have the excavation works stopped and viewed yesterday's outcome as somewhat of a compromise.

"I am quite certain that when they do what they have to do they will realise that they were wrong," Mr Bethell told The Tribune.

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