Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jewels, Jewels and more Jewels

Are you the adventuresome type who doesn’t mind a little danger in your treasure hunting? If so, then you might want to try your hand at looking for more than 100 million dollars in stolen jewelry.

This heist is a modern day robbery and was pulled off by some very well trained people who didn’t mind cracking a few skulls in the process.

In December of 2008 four individuals entered the Harry Winston Jewelry store in Paris, France. All four were men however three of the men were dressed liked women to help them gain entrance through a locked door that you had to be “buzzed in” through.

Once inside the men pulled out a hand grenade and a handgun and started barking orders at the employees, even calling some of the employees by name. In less than fifteen minutes it was over. The bad guys were gone and after smashing several display cases and banging up a few of the employees Harry Winston of Paris was short more than ONE HUNDRED MILLION dollars worth of jewelry.

As of the date of this article there has only been a few of the jewels from this robbery recovered however they have made some arrests. Those arrests were of other men that are said to be part of a gang consisting of more than 200 men, all ex-military and all from a small town in Serbia. The gang is known as the Serbian Pink Panthers. They have been robbing jewelry stores in several places including Dubai, Switzerland, Japan, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain and Monaco.

At least four of the gang members have been arrested and sent to jail. One of those was cooperating with authorities, giving them details on how the gang operates but to date, they haven’t found all of those jewels.

So if you don’t mind traveling to Europe, possibly being shot at by ex-military guys with some pretty big guns and competing with Interpol and several other law enforcement agencies then this just might be for you!

I would like to thank Susan, one of our readers, for this information. If you are interested in more robberies like this one, possibly for clues to some modern day treasure then you might want to check out the link she sent me:


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