Sunday, March 6, 2011

Devils Kitchen

Deep in the heart of Oklahoma territory sat a out crop of rocks that was home to the Kichai Indian Tribe. Later this wild and desolate area would become known to Outlaws as "Devils Kitchen". With large rock boulders, jutting rock out crops and caves, this was the perfect safe haven for outlaws and bandits. Legend has it that there was once a cave at the base of the the "Kitchen" that has been used as a strong hold by numerous later day outlaws. This same legend tells of four outlaws robbing a train near Ardmore Oklahoma and making away with over $50,000 in gold. Knowing of Devils Kitchen and its location of solitude, the outlaws made camp inside the cave at the base of the rugged hill out crop. By early morning a posse had made their way near the entrance of the cave. The shoot out that transpired ended up claiming three of the four outlaws lives. The fourth was captured and sent away for trial and later prison. None of the $50,000 was ever recovered and still said to be hidden inside the cave some where.
Now just where oh where is Devils Kitchen you may ask? Well it sits under 6,000 acres of surface water that makes up Lake Murray. It is suppose to be right of the point that the majestic Tuckers Tower sits. It has been said that the tucker tower has a secret passage leading into the cave system beneath it. Of course the chances of that are probably the same chance that the Alamo has a basement. If you had the know how and equipment the only way to find this one is to start swimming.

On a side note the Tucker Tower was built in 1933 by Governor William H. "Alfalfa Bill" Murray. During its construction a 500 Lbs granular hexahedrite meteorite was found. One of the largest of its kind. It is believed there are many more around the area and even under the lakes surface. So if your in the mood to hunt for lost gold or old fire from the heavens Lake Murray is the place to head. Be sure and take a fishing pole with you as well.

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