Sunday, March 27, 2011

The payday

I would like to thank Rob for sending me this story. This is a follow up to a story I had posted early about a gold nugget that had been found.

Just in case you have a lot of money just laying around (don't we all?), the owner of the nugget also owns the land the nugget was found on and is auctioning that off too. 180 acres, maybe there's another huge nugget just waiting to be found!

Bidder pays $460K for roughly 8-pound gold nugget


A bidder has paid $460,000 for a roughly 8-pound gold nugget found in Northern California's Gold Rush country.

Spectrum Numismatics came away with the nugget on Wednesday after a feverish two minutes of bidding at the Golden West Auction in Sacramento. The company was bidding on behalf of an anonymous buyer.

What may be the biggest California gold nugget in existence was found in the unincorporated town of Washington in Nevada County last March with a metal detector.

At current gold prices, the nugget would have fetched less than $138,000. But auctioneers say its connection to the 19th century Gold Rush helped boost its value.

Auctioneer Don Kagin says the person who found the nugget also plans to auction the 180 acres where it was discovered.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone serious about bidding on this property for the purpose of finding more nuggets, should have drill core samples assayed first.
The practice of "salting" mining claims, (sprinkling of gold dust to scam a prospective buyer), has been done in the past.
One can only hope this is not an attempt for a modern day "salting",utilizing an 8 pound nugget.
If this is the case, then another record has been broken.