Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Hidden Cache of Mihe-Coby

Hidden in the gyp hills near Cyril Oklahoma are the life-savings of Mihe-Coby. Born somewhere between 1840 and 1850 in Mexico he was captured by Comanche raiders as a young boy and taken north. Adopted into the tribe he grew up roaming the plains. Mihe-Coby was among the last of his people to surrender and come into Fort Sill in 1875.

He quickly adapted to the white mans world and by 1880 he was working as a freighter for the Army at Ft. Sill and the Indian Agency. He worked at this for fifteen years and all the while saving his wages and at the end of his employment he was paid in gold coin and ended up with a big sack of money.

These wages were secretly placed in a hiding in the gyp hills. He would go to his secret bank as he needed money. Lying on his death bed he tried to tell his family the directions they needed to find the hiding spot but they never could find it. His family sold one of his race horses to buy a monument which was placed on his grave in the Little Washita River Indian Cemetery. A quick search of old plat maps might show trails going by these gyp hills near Cyril and with modern metal detectors someone might just lucky and find this one.

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parker said...

Hunted for that one a few times myself. Wonder if the gyp miners have already found it?

Might give that one another try when a little cooler.