Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spanish Gold in the Panhandle

In the spring of 1886 a cowboy was hunting horses twelve miles east of present day Kenton, Oklahoma on the south side of the Cimarron River. 5N 3E-CM section 4. Following a cow-trail, that lead to the bottom land below, he noticed that the rain had gouged out shallow holes in the bottom of the trail. Turning and following the trail to the rim of the river valley he happened to see two gold coins lying in the trail. Having dismounted he picked up the coins and noticed that they were Spanish in origin and from the early sixteenth century. Searching the area he found another coin about a hundred yards away. Looking for the next few days he was unable to locate any other coins. Eventually he told some friends about his find and a search party was formed, but though they looked for miles in every direction from his original site, they too were unsuccessful. If burrowing animals had brought the coins to the surface there may be a long lost cache yet to be found. Modern metal detectors may just find what the cowboy missed.

Good Luck and Good Hunting!

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