Sunday, September 25, 2011

Joe Hunter and his washpot full of silver ore

In August of 1948 Joe Hunter and Herbert Penick unearthed a wash pot full of silver ore. It was 65 pounds worth of ore to be exact. The old wash pot was two feet in diameter, 16 inches tall and half filled with ore. After digging numerous other holes Hunter found the wash pot, buried six feet down, just twenty paces from an old oak tree that was encircled by eleven rocks. Not far from the site was the outline of an old dugout rumored to be used by the James Gang.

Joe claimed the ore was found just 98 yards from the place he dug up the brass bucket that had the outlaw contract chiseled into it's sides. Personally, I feel that Joe was misleading folks with that bit of information since the brass bucket was found on federal land and the silver ore was on private land.

I have held the outlaw map that Joe used to find this ore and I know that there are several more caches of gold coins waiting to be found. It's just one more of my many projects I need to get to. So many sites to hunt and so little time. You just have to love Oklahoma and it's rich history of hidden treasure.

Good Luck and Good Hunting!


Anonymous said...

Have you guys had your annual get together this year? If not are you going too? I would be very interested in attending. I'm very interested in James gang lore that involves SW Oklahoma.

Frank Gilbert
Duncan, OK

okie treasure hunter said...

Due to the heat this year we had put off having the get together and we haven't settled on a date yet. I don't live too far from you so you're welcome to come over and visit sometime.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding. I appreciate the invite. I may certainly take you up on it.