Monday, September 19, 2011

Television and Treasure

While I have been disappointed in the History Channel and their shows about treasure, Jesse James, and etc. I still have hope that Hollywood will come up with a few more good shows that will be truthful and entertaining.

Take that bunch in Alaska searching for gold. I eagerly awaited each new episode just to see how bad things were going to go for them. It was like watching episodes of a disfunctional Brady Bunch. I've got my dvr ready to record the new season.

The "Decoded" show is another one that leaves me perplexed. Some episodes they ask really tough questions and do a good job of investigating and on others it seems as if they left their brains back at the office.

How about the new show "Buried Treasure"? While the name is a bit misleading I still find it to be a good show. The brothers seem to be sincere in their desire to help people find items of value setting around their homes.

My question to our readers would be,if you could create a tv show about treasure hunting, what topics would you want to see?

The reason I ask this question is that there is a production company looking to produce a new series that will include treasure hunting, battlefield archaeology, wreck diving, etc. Believe it or not, people who are into television production are reading this blog and this may be your chance to let them know what you as viewers would like to watch.

I would like to see someone dig up a real treasure and not just a few old coins in a fruit jar they buried in the ground a few weeks before filming began.


Bones66 said...

How about Aircraft Archaeology? There are, sadly, quite a few wrecks to find.

okie treasure hunter said...

Aviation archaeology was one of the subjects that the production company who contacted me wants to cover.