Friday, December 2, 2011

Waynes Detector Sales

I had some business in Oklahoma City today so while up there I made a little side trip to Waynes Detectors. I enjoy going by there just to see if they have a book or magazine I don't have in my collection. They also have a good selection of detectors to choose from as well.

While talking to Allan he mentioned that there was a gentleman, who do to health reasons, has a month old Whites V3I he has to sell. The fellow bought about every imaginable thing to go with it as well. He has over $3100 invested but would take $2100 for all of it. You can call Allan at 405-685-3130 for more details.

I know with the internet and guys selling detectors that are drop shipped it's hard for guys with shops and overhead to compete. If you get the chance swing in and take a look at the shop. It's also one of the last places you can buy the book " Follow the Signs". Even though I've bought several copies of it over the years I picked up another today just to keep around.

Let's keep these mom and pop shops in business no matter what it is they are selling. You just don't get that kind of service from the internet or corporate stores. Maybe I just miss the old five and dime stores.

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