Thursday, January 10, 2013

Meadows Gang Treasure

Pyror, Oklahoma

Near the site of the Pryor Creek Creek water tank on the Missouri, Kansas, & Texas Railroad lies a $135,000 cache hidden by the Meadows Gang. The gang had accumulated the approximately four hundred pounds of gold and silver coins from several hold ups they had pulled in the area.

While resting near the water tank they decided to bury the cumbersome load for safe keeping. Shortly after this this the gang was captured with several gang members turning states evidence against Meadows, who ended up serving 18 years in prison.

After his release he came back to the Pryor area searching for his hidden loot but there was a lot of area around the tank and the area had changed during his nearly two decade prison term. Meadows was sure the money was still there but had sunken to bedrock in the soft soil.

A search of old MK&T RR maps may show the location of the water tank or a trip to the county courthouse to research what records they may have. With todays pulse induction detectors and other equipment this is one that someone with time and energycan recover and with todays gold and silver prices would be well worth the effort.

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