Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WWATS: World Wide Association of Treasure Seekers

While many of us are aware that the current administration is busy working to take away our second amendment rights, few are aware that the EPA and BLM are working hard to strip away your right to gold prospect and treasure hunt. Daily battles are being being fought at the state level to preserve the simple hobby of metal detecting as well. While the NRA is a well organized and funded lobby group with a media presence, we treasure hunters have a voice crying in the wilderness as well.

WWATS is hard at work fighting for our rights to pursue the activities we enjoy. Wayne "NuggetBrain" Peterson is the new president and has taken an active roll in amping up the efforts in the fight that WWATS is engaged in on our behalf. Please take a look at their website and find a way to help in any manner that you can.

Good Luck and Good Hunting!

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I am very interested in Archeology and History and treasure hunting. I have never before found any treasures, but I would like to. It sounds really exciting to roam the globe finding clues, researching history, looking at maps and so forth. I really want to find treasures though, can you show us the process? Like how to find a potential treasure site with valuables, or finding cues and symbols and maps, and locating treasures and all of that. That would be great if you could make a video or just blog about it. Please consider helping out a fellow treasure hunter. Thank you.