Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Treasure Sign or Big Ugly Rock?

Is this a treasure sign or big, ugly rock? A self proclaimed professional treasure hunter may look at it and say that it's nothing more than a big, ugly rock. It would be foolish on his or her part without first asking a few questions. The first question I would ask myself, when deciding if something I find in the field is a sign or not, would be is it in context with others signs found in the area? Such as drill holes, carvings, shadow symbols, etc.

Second question would be does it have instructions? In the case of this bird head pointer it is saying go left.

Third question is does it lead to something?  If it's a sign it should lead you to something obvious. In the case of the one pictured above it pointed to another directional marker.

One stone mason who viewed the picture claimed it couldn't be a sign because it didn't have any tool or chisel marks. Several centuries of Oklahoma wind and rain tend to leave rocks weathered and it's highly doubtful and chisel marks would've remained. There's also the possibility that the rock was natural and only needed slight modification to make it look like a bird's head.

Not all signs you come across point to treasure. Some are just marking a trail or lead to a campsite or water source. They are still fun to find and photograph. Please don't remove them from the location you find them in.

Good luck and good hunting!


Cire Lowrimore said...

The stones look like stacks. The rock at the far upper right 'might' have a rabbit face(?). Big rock (if imagined my have a hog or bear face(?). Pop lines from points. Might be worth MD the area.

Anonymous said...

"Rect-opening" right "ugly rock" point to a stacked rocks, a turtle?, sure its not natural & maybe more things in this "ugly rock".

Unknown said...

I want to get started looking for things in Bryan County and Oklahoma. Oki Hunter or other in OK, please contact me.

Unknown said...

Okie did you ever detect on silver city ?