Saturday, November 1, 2014

Treasure hunting, the internet, and reality tv

The search for buried treasure has become so popular that many of the major cable networks each have their own version of a treasure show now. When these shows first came out I had high hopes that they would capture the true essence of treasure hunting. Sadly for most of these shows there is very little reality in their reality tv.

I'm contacted all the time by production companies wanting me to try out for a show they are trying to sell to the networks. Very few are interested in my skill set of interpreting treasure signs. Instead most are just looking for big personalities. The concept of the hunt for treasure is lost to the train wreck drama and personal conflicts of those people starring in the shows. Don't get me wrong. Even with my disappointment in most of these programs I still tune in to watch them.

The internet has been both a curse and a blessing to treasure hunters. In the old days we had to search for our information at the local library or court houses. Read through numerous books and magazines. Track down old timers who might have a lead for you. I still do those things, but the internet now allows me do do most of these things and more from the comfort of home.

The online treasure forums allow treasure hunters to gather and swap stories and ideas. Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation floating around the internet. Especially when it comes to KGC treasure.

Social media is the new phenomenon in the world of treasure hunting. It allows us to connect with other like minded people who enjoy the same hobbies and interest as we do. In some cases it even allows you to make up your own reality of who you are. I have a rich yuppie in mind who is trying to be a cross between Murdock from the A Team and Indiana Jones  when I say this.

The beauty of the internet is that if you have enough money you can create your own image. The above mentioned treasure hunter has done just that. He says that he is a professional because he derives his income from treasure hunting. This may be true. I can't seem to find any documented finds this person has made that would cover his overhead,  so it must be the dozens of websites, videos, and books that this person promotes that bring in the bucks. Like one of my old friends say....that's why they call us treasure hunters and not treasure finders.

However it is you enjoy treasure whether reading about it,  surfing the net, or watching it on TV take the time and do some searching outdoors for your own. Not all treasure is gold. Sometimes it just the memories we make with friends and family while on the hunt.

Good luck and good hunting!

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