Monday, January 13, 2020

A new treasure lead

Finding treasure leads with today's technology is an easy process. Posted above is an example of what just a few minutes searching free newspaper sources can provide. I used a website that provides free access to many old Oklahoma newspapers. Using "buried treasure" as my keyword search hundreds of newspapers with articles about buried treasure appeared. This website highlights the articles making them easy to find.

While the above article provides little information it does provide enough to find the search area. I simply googled Romulus Oklahoma and clicked on the map that appeared. It was easy enough to find opossum creek and the spot where another creek came together. This area is circled in red on the above map.

This is an active lead for a treasure hunter to follow up on. There are online sources to find names of the land owners to get permission before searching the area east of where these two creeks come together.

Good luck and good hunting

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