Friday, January 25, 2008

Modern Day Treasure

A number of years ago a friend of mine was contacted by the wife of a convict. She told him of a cache of jewelry that her husband had hidden many years before. The story was that sometime during the 1970's her husband and two others had robbed a jewelry store. The husband had taken the loot and hid it in a mine shaft somewhere in New Mexico until things had cooled off. He had stored the jewelry in two pickle jars.

It seems that the other two were caught and rolled over on the third. As pay back, he never revealed to the others the hiding place of the stolen goods. It was sometime in the 1980's that the husband had taken ill and during one of the last visits he told his wife where he had stashed the pickle jars. He soon passed away.

My friend made a deal with the wife to recover the jewelry and split any reward that may have been offered for the return of the loot. He made his way to New Mexico and found the mine shaft as it had been told to him. Inside the mine the jars were supposed to have been dropped into a shaft that had filled with water. My friend found the longest tree limb he could and stuck it down into the water, but never touched bottom. Since he wasn't a scuba diver he left and never returned. I don't know if the wife ever found another person to attempt a recovery or not, but there may still be two pickle jars full of high end jewelry waiting for the fortunate explorer.

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