Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Treasure Tales, Hawaii

It is the winter you know and when you are cold and surrounded by snow and ice, thinking about a nice warm place to treasure hunt can make the day a whole lot better. There may not be too many people interested in this one but for the travelers out there, or the ones lucky enough to live there, I have a treasure story for you in the tropics. On the Big Island of Hawaii there is a huge treasure buried by pirates who were all captured and turned over to the Spanish.

In 1818 there was an Englishman named Turner (no, it’s not the guy from the Pirates of the Caribbean) who sailed a ship into Kealekeua Bay. (that would be pronounced kay-a-lay-kay-ou-a) The ship was loaded with a huge church treasure that included crosses, candlesticks, gold and silver goblets along with gold and silver coins, all belonging to the Spanish. The name of the ship that he sailed into the bay was the “Victory”. Mr. Turner and his pirate crew off loaded their treasure, which consisted of a large number of chests, boxes and kegs and carried it inland from Kealekeua Bay. Mr. Turner then set about selling the Victory to King Kamehameha but before the king could take possession of his new vessel a Spanish Man-O-War sailed into the bay and told the king that the vessel had been stolen.

Apparently Mr. Turner and his crew borrowed the ship in Buenos Aires and raided several churches along the coast of Chile before arriving at the Big Island of Hawaii. King Kamehameha, being just a little miffed that he had been sold a stolen ship, had his minions round up Mr. Turner and the other pirates and promptly turned them over to the Spanish.

It is said the treasure was taken inland on the north side of Kealekeua Bay and buried in the hills or hidden away in one of the many caves in the hills. There have not been any reports of this treasure ever being found. Arggggg!!

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