Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

Have you ever wondered about the origin of Friday the 13th?

No, not the stupid movie, the superstition! Would you have thought that Friday the 13th could have a connection to hidden treasure and even the Holy Grail? (What ever you think the Holy Grail might be)

According to history, the superstition that is Friday the 13th began in 1307 thanks to the Pope and King Phillip IV. This was the day that the church and the king decided to arrest all of the Knights Templar, also known as the Knights of the Temple of Solomon or the Red Cross Knights. This happened in France and eventually a lot of the Knights that were caught were tortured and killed. It happened on Friday, October 13th 1307 and ever since then Friday the 13th has been considered to be an unlucky day. I’m sure that if you were a Templar back in 1307 you would have agreed with this sentiment.

Not that I’m one to condone torture and theft but, thanks to the Pope and the King in 1307 we now have the multitude of legends surrounding the Knights Templar and their hidden treasures. These treasures are said to include the Holy Grail, vast amounts of wealth and religious artifacts along with lost knowledge of the world. Most of that lost knowledge has been relearned over the centuries but having the original source would be nice. The Templars had their own fleet, most of which disappeared from France at the same time that the arrests started.

Besides the “normal” treasures, the Templars are also said to be connected to the famous treasure thought to be located on Oak Island in Nova Scotia. This has come to be better known as “The Money Pit”. It has been said, and there has been some pretty good evidence found, that the Templars were here in the United States, especially on the east coast gathering precious metals and hiding treasures. They may have worked their way well into the interior of the country depending on which hypothesis you choose to believe, if any.

Paraskevidekatriaphobia, (try saying that three times real fast) or the fear of Friday the 13th, is common enough that many people will skip work, refuse to travel or not start anything new on that day. It’s also why some buildings have no 13th floor or Room 13. This of course is ridiculous because it will be the thirteenth floor or the thirteenth room even if it has some other number on it.

So the next time you think of Friday the 13th as being unlucky you should think about treasure. Maybe that will change your luck a little. It ought to at least put a smile on your face. Treasure always does that to me!

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