Sunday, June 8, 2008

Spanish Window Photos

I wanted to put up a few more photos of some windows for you to see. Windows can come in all sizes and as I said before, can be used in different ways. These windows are from two different states.

The first is a double window but you ignore looking through the larger one on the right because the smaller window has a rock "dangling" from the top inside the window that points at what you need to go to next. This photo was taken from the opposite side that you should be looking through because it showed the pointer rock better.

The other windows are made to be looked through while kneeling. Notice that the third window actually makes an arrow shape. The pointer or triangle shape of the top gives you information about what you are looking for and the bottom part of the window is showing you where to look.

The fourth window although small, when looked through shows you a large rock in the distance that you need to go to to find the trail to what you are looking for. I have posted a photo shooting through this window so you can see that rock and how defined it is in the window. You can see that the rock you see through the window is fairly prominent and of a particular shape. While this window is made to look through and give you a point to go to it also tells you what direction to go in once you get to that point. You can see in the photo that the window points to the left and up the arroyo the large rock sits in.

The last window is of a triangle shaped window like a couple of the others. When looking for Spanish windows, the triangle shape is a VERY good thing. This last window is not a window at all but a pointer telling you to go to the left and up to find the treasure.

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